NC-430 Non-phosphorus Organic Scale-corrosion Inhibitor

NC-430 Phosphorus Free Organic Scale-corrosion Inhibitor

English Name: Phosphorus Free Organic Scale-corrosion Inhibitor



This product is a Phosphorus Free scale-corrosion inhibitor, suitable for demanding companies and enterprises that have high requirements for environment protection.


2. Uses:

It can be applied to circulating cooling water systems as scale and corrosion inhibitor.


3.     Specifications:


dark brown or dark yellow liquid

Density (200C g/cm3)


pH (1% Water Solution)


Solid Content(1050C), %



4.     Use Way:

For normal operation of this product, make sure to maintain the concentration of circulating cooling water at 50 ~ 70mg /L. When the usual concentration multiple is 3 times, dose 10 -20 mg/L of this product to make-up water.


5.     Package and Storage:

Packed in 25kg or 200kg plastic drums, stored for 1 year.


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