NC-506 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Anti-scaling Agent (equivalent to American PTP-0100)
This product equals to PTP-0100 of American company, and is a high-effect antiscale dispersant. It is most suitable for the water containing metal oxide, silicon and inorganic scale salt. It shows good anti-scaling effect, and won't have flocculation reaction with remaining flocculation agent or silicide abundant in iron or aluminum and thus produce undissolved polymer. By using this product, you could reduce the equipment's investment and operation expense of RO, NF & UF system. In this case, it can also substitute the ion exchange pre-treatment system.
(1) Use & Properties:
a. It also be used for the RO, NF & SF membranes produced by American DOW Fillmtee, Hydranautics and Fluid Systems.
b. In a large concentration range, it can effectively control the inorganic scale. Under no acid condition, LS1's maximum value is 2.7.
c. It won't have flocculation rection with iron, aluminum oxide and silicon compound and won't result in sludge caused by undissolved substance.
d. It is especially effective to control iron, aluminum and heavy-metal pollution substances. The iron concentration in the inlet is allowed to reach 8 ppm.
e. It can effectively control silicon's polymerization and deposit. The SiO2 concentration of outlet is allowed to reach 290 ppm.
f.  It can be used for RO CA & TFC membrane, NF membrane & SF membrane.
g. The makeup water's pH value is valid between 5-10, and without toxicity.
(2) Specifications:
Concentrated Liquid
Standard Liquid
Clear yellow solution
Clear yellow solution
2.5 +- 0.5
1.45+- 0.5
Density (20oC), g/cm3,
1.45 +-0.05
1.08 +- 0.05
Phosphoric small-molecular Organics
Phosphoric small-molecular Organics
(3) Use Way:
     To reduce the transportation expense, we prepare two choices of NC-506 for our customers : contracted liquid and standard liquid. You could dilute the concentrated liquid 8 times to make the standard liquid. For example, when the package drum is 25kgs, you can dilute 8 times (25 KG * 8 = 200 KGS) to make 200kgs standard liquid. According to the water quantity, you could add standard liquid 2-6 ppm, or you could calculate to appropriate dosage with the professional software according to the water quantity overall analysis report and RO system situation. It can restrain the following scales: CaSO4, CaCO3, BaSO4, SrSO4, Fe (OH)3, Al(OH)3, SiO2.
(4) Package & Storage:
     Packed in 25 kg or 200 kg plastic drums. Storage: 1 year.

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