NC-910 Seawater Molluscs Biocide
In China, the particular shortage of freshwater resources has become increasingly obvious. Whereas, many factories situated along the coast can not make use of abandunt sea water resources for their industrial water. The main reasons lie in the fact that the sea water contains too much salt, thus its corrosion rate is very high. Especially the seawater temperature maintained at a stable level all year around and the increasingly discharged city's industrial wastewater discharged into the sea led to eutrophication, which provides sea shells, etc., a good living environment. Especially when reproductive peak reaches, their numbers tend to show dramatic growth trend. The shellfish will enter into the cooling water system of the factory together with the sea water, and in places of lower flow, they will deposit to form a slime layer and the scale layer, which may have a direct adverse effect upon plant productivity.
Generally speaking, when sea water is used for industrial water, DC water is being used. However, at present, owing to the factors of price, dosage, killing effect,  corrosion inhabitation and environmental protection, etc., the current commonly used biocides can't meet the requirements. Such being the case, many coastal plants can only strain on the resources of fresh water used for industrial water, thus preventing coastal industries from fully development.

Therefore, according to the above situation, this year our company launchs our new product NC-910, which can not only effectively and economically control the growth of sea creatures and inhibit the scale in industrial water system, but also can control algae, bacteria and fungal growth. Seasonal use of this product for 6 to 24 hours, it can control all growth stages of the mollusks'growth-It can not only kill adult animals, stop the growth of the larvae of animals to the extent of pollution of the environment, but also has the inhibition effect. In consideration of growth pattern with marine animals, one dosage can be maintained from 2 to 8 weeks of killing effect, but only to the dosage of about 10ppm. Therefore, the user's cost is very low. The product is equivalent to U.S. GE Company SpectrusCT1300, but the performance is much better, while the price is far lower than their product.
 (1) Performance:
This product is a chemical with concentration of 50%. In its components, pentavalent nitrogen atom lies in the cation position. Similar to the general Quaternary Ammonium Salt, they are easily unified with the anion organisms. They begin to have antisecptic effect by cutting off the transmission of nutrients. After system treatment, the other end of organism which is water-repellent long chain alkyl, will form clean, smooth and a layer of extremely thin protection film inside the pipelines, so they can prevent larvae and the eggs adherent wall from breeding. Such being the case, this product can have continuous antiseptic effect for as long as 2 ~ 8 weeks after treatment.
(2) Specification:
Technical Parameter                
External Appearance
Light yellow liquid
Active Content, % >=
Density(200C) g/cm3
Flash Point, 0C

(3) Use way:
Generally speaking, the dosage of this product is relevant with water temperature, water conditions and the kinds of sea creatures. Our suggested application concentration is as follows: Dose once for every 5 - 8 days. Dose this product continuously for 5 ~ 10 hours. Dosage concentration is 5-6 ppm. If pipeline corrosion protection is required, dosage can be appropriately increased to about 20ppm.Before dosed in the system, make sure the chemicals are mixed evenly.
(4) Features:
A. It can act as very effective biocide which can kill 95% marine bacteria;
B. It will not cause biological drug-resistant;
C. In short time, it usually begins to effect after two hours, which will make the marine bacteria began to death;
D. It has certain slow-release effect in the systems,
E. This product is biodegradable, thus cause no environmental pollution and do no harm to nature. It won't cause other biological death;
F. By impact type dosing, dosage is less, cost is low, and it is suitable for direct emission of seawater.
 (5) Packaging and Storage:
This product is packed into 25 kg or 200kg plastic drums. Shelf life is 1 year.

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