NC-906(SS314NC)SQ8 Biocides
(1) Specification :
Orange yellow solution
Flash point oC
LD50=247mg/kg(white rat), medium toxicity
Fish Toxicity
To African crucian: TLM= 5.75mg/L(96hours);
To White Chub, TLM=2.5 mg/L(96hours),
According to Fish Toxicity, medium toxicity
(2) Properties:
(a)It has excellent antiseptic and algae-killing ability, and can last long. It has been widely applied by Guangzhou Petrochemical General Facotory, Anqing Petrochemical General Factory, Dongting Nitrogenous Fertilizer Factory, etc., and has been highly appraised by all of them.
(b)It has considerable antisepsis ability. The Chang Qing Oil Field application test has shown that: After adding SQ8 to the oil field affusion water, the antisepsis rate will reduce by 80%.  
(c)It has satisfactory effect to removing sludge.
(d)After adding SQ8 to the oil field affusion water, it can reduce the surface tension, and improve the permeability of rock center. It can better prevent clay from swelling, and is favorable for flow stability of oil field's affusion water.
(e)Compared with other non-oxide biocide or algicide, it requires comparatively lower water treatment expense.
(f)Under the application concentration of SQ8, this product can degrade step by step in application process, and it can achieve innocuous effluent.
(3) Use way:
When applying this product to circulating cooling water system, please adopt implusion dosing method. i.e.  When the algae varieties contained exceed the required standards, please add SQ8 directly to the water according to the appropriate percentage. The dosage is 20 -30 ppm. To better exert the biocides'effect and reach the innocuous effluent, please stop discharging for 4 hours after adding this biocide.
Regarding affuse water from oil field to lower layer, please add SQ8 to affusion water to make it penetrate into the lower layer of the land. SQ8 can be used together with phosphonic water stablizers, or to use SQ8 and chloride alternatively.
(4) Attention:
(a) As this product has some toxicity, and will have some effect after skin contact. Please pay attention to safe operation instructions. After operation, please do wash clean the hands and feet if there are some biocides left on them.
(b) This product is flammable. Please do pay attention to safe operation instructions during application and storage. Please keep it closed and stored in dry and cool places.
(5) Packing & Storage:
Packed in 25 kg iron drums. It must be stored in no-flame, dry and cool places.

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