NC-912(SS315NC)Diquaternary salt biocide
This product is a subject development product designated by National Science Commission. It is a new high-effective diquaternary salt biocide and sludge removal agent. We have applied national patent, and has passed national evaluation in August, 1997.  All the features of this product have reached the international advanced level, and can be regarded as updated product for biocide.
(1) Chemical structure:
(CH2 CH3)
(CH2 CH3)
(2) Specification:
pale yellow viscous liquid
Water Solubility
Active content
(3) Use way:
After this product totally soluble in water, please directly add it to reservoir of oil field affusion water. The dosage is 40 ppm. When using it in the industrial circulating water treatment field, please dose at a time span. Please dose in front of  the exit of reservoir's pump. The first dosage is 20 ppm. Then, 10 ppm everyday  at the same time in the following days.
(4) Disinfect efficiency and economical compare:
In the static test & evaluation of Southeast University Water Treatment Departmetn, the result is: When SRB number is 4.5*105, the required dosage is 20 ppm.
Compared with 1227 biocide, the disinfection rate is 99% in 4 hours. It can greatly reduce the water treatment cost, about 50% of traditional products.
(5) Use:
(a) This product can effectively kill SRB and other anaerobia. It is a necessity for oil field, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, power plants, metallurgy, etc.
(b) Except for disinfection effect, it can also prevent the bacteria from breeding.
(c) This product shows excellent sludge removal effect, and can be used for sludg removal for all kinds of cooling equipment and purification for cooling tower.
(d) This product produces a little foam, and won't produce lots of foams just as other biocides when used in circulating cooling water.
Packed in 25 kg or 200 kg broad cover plastic drum. This product can tailor-made and packed for our customers.

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