NC-920 Sludge Remover
This product equals to A-491 of Japanese Kurita Company.
1)      Properties:
a.       This product is composed by organic amine, dispersant and infiltration. It is a non-oxidization biocide sludge remover. To circulation cooling water system, it shows excellent removing effects upon the biological sludge formed by the growing microorganism or the leaked materials.
b.       It has special effect upon killing the nitrifying bacteria& nitrosobacteria. Especially, if you use it in the closed circulation cooling water systems of sulfureted hydrogen, ammonia-leaked or nitrous acid.
c.       It won't have foams, and is easy to add. It can be used for boiler deoxider.
2)      Use Way:
It can be used for bacteria-killing, algae-removing and sludge-removing treatment in circulating cooling water system. Usually 2 to 4 times per month, add it to the fast-flow area in the water pool or water supply well by the wave flashing way.Each dosage concentration is 150-200 mg/L.
3)      Specification:
Colorless or pale yellow clear solution
Density (20oC), g/cm3
pH (1% water solution)
4)      Package & Storage:
Packed in 25 kg or 200 kg plastic drums. Storage is 1/2 year.

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