NC-915(SS321NC) Algaecide (equivalent to FMC Company's product B-325)
NC-915 can successfully control the algae's growth by preventing it from photosynthesis, so it can control algae efficiently, whereas, it has no effect upon other organism. This is a new product that is first launched in 2001 by our company.
(1) Properties
a. The following form shows when there doesn't exist chloride gas, NC-915 can control each special algae's minimum level(mg/L):
Green Alga
Bright Chlorella
Scenedesmus Obliquus
Blu-Green Alga
Dual Oscillatoria
Honey-comb Alga
Orange Alga
b. NC-915's Ecological Effect
Acute toxicity
LD50(On rats Acute)>=2000mg/kg
Skin Irritation (on rabbits)   Non-irritant
Eye Irritation (on rabbits)    Non-irritant
(2) Specification
Gray-white suspension solution
Density(200C)  g/cm3
Active Ingredient,%
(3) Use & Use way
(a) Keep the system clean, add NC-915 at the dosage of  12.5-25mg/L (calculated based on the product) in the system, at the same time add chloride gas (keep the chloride 0.1-1.0 mg/L) or other oxidant biocide with a flush continuously or at a regular cycle.
(b) In the condition of not adding chloride gas or oxide biocides, please ensure that there is no algae in the system. The dosage of NC-915 should be kept in 75mg/L (calculated based on the product).
(c) Pleas begin to execute this scheme before the algae grows.
(d) In day time, when the algae begin the photosynthesis, please add NC-915.
(e) Please remove the killed algae remains so as to prevent it from providing organic nutrition to microorganism.
(4) Packing & Storage
200kg or 25kg in each plastic drum. Storage period is 1 year.

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