NC-1002(QT112NC)Nonionic surfactant defoamer (equal to N-71-D5)

This product is developed by our company and the relevant scientific research units. It should be compounded with JN-3 when using, and it can effectively prevent the foams from splashing.

(1) Chemical Composition:

    It is the mixture of carbowax and ap1phatic surface active agents, and emulsification agent is added to make it stable.

(2) Property:

It is a liquid mixture of surface active agents, and can be used for controlling the foams in the industry process in a wider pH range. It can either prevent the foam from producing or removing the existent foams.

The surface active agent of NC-1002 can effectively reduce the foaming strength, combining the smaller foam into bigger ones, because the bigger foams are easy to crack. The diffuser is auxiliary defoamer, which can be helpful for diffusing the defoamer quickly and making the defoamer diffusing to the whole foaming agent. Thus, the JN-5 is both effective and economical, and can remove the foam quickly.

(3) Use:

It can be compounded with NC-101, thus enabling it to effectively control the foams producing in the cleaning process of NC-101.

It can help NC-101 contact with the surface of metals directly to form an anticorrosion film.

Except fo the above purposes, it can be used for controlling the foams and bubbles in the process. The process includes:

paper-making, evaporation, waste water treatment, plaster & cement slurry, acid cleaning, protein extraction, manufacturing of detergent and chemical deoxidization dyestuffs.

(4) Specification:


Yellow Liquid, No Mechanic Impurity

Density(200C) g/cm3


Viscosity(250C) mPa.s <=


Acid Value (mgKOH/g),<=



(5) Keeping & Storage:

    It should be kept in the room temperature. It is flammable and should be kept far from the fire and avoid fire. Storage is less than one year. If sedimentation occurs in storage , please mix to make it evenly before use. This won't impact the effect.

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