NC-1100(XN212NC)Polychlorinated Aluminum Iron

1. Chemical Structure:

[Al2(OH)nCl6-n]m.[Fe2(OH)NCl6-N]M  (In this formula: n, m, N, M are integers) 

The Poly Chlorinated Aluminium Iron product is a new-type inorganic High-molecule mixing & coagulation agent. Mainly based on the alumina, it has combined the advantages of both Aluminium Salt and the Iron Salt coagulaion agent. It is the ideal substitution product for Poly Aluminium and Poly Iron.

2. Property:

A. With higher effective content and easily soluble in water, this product has stronger bridgeable & Absorptive properties. In the water solution process, it may have electro-chemical agglomeration, absorption & sedimentation changes.

B. It can response quickly, and can form bigger floccules and at a higher speed. It also has the merits such as better activeness and filtration.

C. It has wider application range. If the dosage has exceeded the required amount, no mixing and coagulation or worse phenomena will occur. It will show unparalleled advantages for the malfunction of water quality.

D. It is suitable for wider pH range. Between pH 4-10, it can receive the same satisfactory effects.

E. When PAFC treating the Yangtse River, the original water turbidity was about 200 degree. The dosage of 8 - 10 ppm will meet with the treatment demand<5mg/L. Even in the low-temperature season, the effect change is very small.

3. Use:

A. Water Treatment to Life Water and Industry Supply Water

B. Industrial Waste Water Treatment (waste water containing oil and sludge, waste water of dyeing & printing factory and that of paper-making factory)

C. Coal Gas's Washing Water Treatment

D. Special Water Quality Treatment (water containing radioactive materials, water containing high-toxicity heavy metal such as Pb & Cr and that containing Fl.)

E. It has very high removal rate to the SS, COD & BOD chroma.

4. Specification:

Yellow or Yellowish brown powder solid
Aluminum Oxide(As Al2O3)Content, %
Di-iron Trioxide(As Fe2O3)Content, %
Non Water-soluble Substances, %

5. Packing & Storage :
Packed in 25 Kg Plastic Knitting Bags. Please keep in the dry and cool places in the room. Storage is ten months.

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