(1)Chemical structure:
 (2) Properties:
This product is a brown sticky paste, and could dissolve with water.It has the following features:
a.    Due to the fact that several polyethenoxy groups are planted into its mo1ecule,the product enjoys, as compared with the home-made phosphonate ester water treatment chemical not only a higher corrosion inhibition ability, but also improved capability of prevent Ca scale formation    and dispersing clay and silt.Further rnore the product is free of the disadvantage which is linked to the phosphonate ester by the fact that its phosphoroso bond is very hydrolytic,And hence a much improved stability as compared with phosphonate ester.The product exhibits an unique result in controlling the quantity of the oil-containing cooling water in refineries.
b. In systems like Copper heat exchangers where Cl2 method is not applicable for bacteria-   removal, when the product is used in the presence of quaternaries non-oxidizing algaecide and bactericide, it will not form associated ion deposits as is the case with phosphonate  and polycarboxylate products, So the efficiency of both with not be reduced.
c.   The product shows excellent effect controlling the Zn ions in the cooling water and    therefore it can he used to prepare the dispersive corrosion inhibitors.
d.   The toxicity of the product is low as compared with phosphonate water treatment    chemicals,and can naturally degrade 3-4 days after disposal.which means that no environmental problem will be caused.
e.    PAPE enjoys a further ability,i.e.its adsorption-desorption ability, It not only be    adsorbed, as is the case with most water treatment chemicals,by solid pasticles,but also be adsorbed from these particle.therefore, it is particularly suitable for scaling inhibition in oilfield water filling as circulation water in refineries.
(3) Specification:
Dark black viscous liquid
Organic Phosphate(as PO4),% >=
Inorganic Phosphate(as PO4),% <=
pH(10g/L water solution)
(4) Use:
The product can be used as scaling and corrosion inhibitor in the circulation cooling water.
Systems of refineries, chemical plants, chemical fertilizer plants, air-conditioning systems and copper heat exchangers.
It is an outstanding scaling inhibitor in the water-filling process in the oilfield.
It can be used together with Zn ions as scaling and corrosion inhibitor, at the usual ratio of  4-5ppm of the product and 2-3ppm of Zn ions.
When used alone,an addition of 5-10ppm of the product can prevent any scaling formation and at a higher dosage,the product also shows good corrosion effect.The product  is usually used in a pH range of 7.0-8.5.
(5)Packing & Storage:
       In 200Kg or 25Kg in plastic pails,storage is one year.

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