(1) Properties:
     a. It is suitable for all aromatic polyamide membranes and acetic acid membranes.
     b. Its formula is low-foam formula.
     c. The diluted pH value must be kept between 3+-0.5.
     d. Due to its liquid solution, it can reduce the mixing time.
     e. It can be used repeatedly.
(2) Specification:
Dark yellow solution
Solid content, % >=
pH <=
Freezing Point
- 21oC
Density (20oC), g/cm3, >=
(3) Use:
    NC-504 is a low pH value solid formula. It can remove the metal hydrate, calcium carbonate and other scales. It is suitable for aromatic polyamide reverse osmosis membrane, hollow fiber membrane and NF and super filtration membrane. Its excellent cleaning effect can prolong the membrane's operation time.
    To get better effect, NC-504 can be used together with NC-505 or NC-502.
(4) Cleaning Way:
     A. Usually add this product according to the system water quantity (including cleaning tank, connection pipes, pressure container and membrane). Dilute it until the concentration is reduced to 1-3%, i.e. add 10-30 kg of this product in 1 tons of water.
     B. Check cleaning tank, soft pipes and security filter.
     C. In accordance with A calculated system water quantity, use anti-osmotic water or salt-removing water to cleaning tank. Slowly add 10-30kgs of this product in each 1 tons of water to the cleaning tank, and mix the solution with circulating cleaning pump, and heat it 35 -40oCor the maximum temperature regulated by the membrane manufacturer.
    Circulate and clean 30 minutes in the inlet direction, clean flow must be in accordance with the recommended value of membrane manufacturer and system provider. If you can't find this value, you should adopt low-pressure, low-speed, small-flow to clean it. Before entering RO, you must filtrate through 3-5 µm filter. The outlet flux are as follows: For 2.5 inches RO component, the outlet flux is 0.6-0.68m3/h; For 8 inches RO component, the outlet flux is 6.0-6.8 m3/h; If 4 inches RO component, the outlet flux is 1.5-1.8 m3/h.
    If the pollution is serious, please let out the initial flowback liquid (the volume is about 15% cleaning tank) to prevent the polluted materials from sticking on the membrane surface. Before renewal the system and operate it, you'd better use the reverse osmosis membrane to clean through water.
(5) Security Attention Items:
     Please refer to our company's MSDS.
(6) Packaging & Storage:
     Packed in 25 kg or 200 kg plastic drums. Storage is one year.

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