NC-520 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Flocculant

(1) Features:
     This product is a water-soluble polymer electrolyte, and it has features of both high degree of ions and good water-solubility. It will not be affected by the impact of low temperature. It will not produce gel, can reduce water stability, and is suitable for TOC in water. It is especially suitable for treatment in low-turbidity water and organics in water. It can be used in wide range of pH and alkalinity.

(2) Specification:

Appearance Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid
Density(200C g/cm3) 1.12+-0.05
pH(2% water solution) 4.0-7.0
Viscosity >=1100CP(250C)
Freeze Point -30C

(3) Use Way:
     a. When using, we suggest you make it into 1-2% concentration water solution.
     b. If using this product together with aluminium polychlorid or polymerization ferric chloride aluminum composite, the normal mixing rate is: When the aluminum polychlorid is 4mg/l, adjust the use of this product according to water quality. This product’s concentration is 0.5-0.7 mg/l. The processed F1 value (pollution index) can be less than 3, and residual turbidity (NTU) is generally 0.067, and turbidity removal rate can reach 80%.
     c. When diluting or mixing this product, make sure that the stirring speed is not too fast, because it may cause its long chain to be broken.

(4) Package and Storage:
     Packed in 25kg plastic drums. Please store in the warehouse of ventilation and no sunshine. Storage period is 1 year.

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