Phosphorus-Free Formula Dispersant Rapid Analyzer


This product is specially used for RO membrane bactericide, which has strong sterilization performance and prevents the production of slime and microorganisms. In addition to its strong sterilization performance, it also has no environmental pollution because it will degrade quickly after sterilization. No pollution to the environment. As DBNPA is an organic bromine compound, the price is comparatively higher, and it is insoluble in water. It needs to be dissolved with an organic solvent, so the price is relatively high, but it has excellent sterilization efficiency and does not pollute the environment, so everyone is still willing to use it.

NC-928S Reverse Osmosis Membrane Bactericide Specifications:
   Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid

   PH: 3.5-4.5

   Density (20
℃,g/cm3); 105-1.25

   DBNPA Active Content: 910

Usage of NC-928S Reverse Osmosis Membrane Bactericide:

This product can be directly injected into the reverse osmosis membrane system with a metering pump. According to the degree of water contamination, it can be added 5-20mg/L, which can be added continuously.

Packaging and Storage of NC-928S Reverse Osmosis Membrane Bactericide:
 Packed in 25kg or 200kg plastic drums. Storage period is one year. 

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