NK Series Water Treatment Agents Manual

NK Series Water Treatment Agents Manual
(Customized for Non-Woven Fabric Production)

NK Series of Water Treatment Agents are specially used in the closed circulating water system during the production of non-woven fabrics to prevent equipment and pipelines from malfunctioning due to dirt and corrosion.

There are four sets of NK Series of Water Treatment Agents, which is friendly to environment, so it does not pollute the environment. Please refer to the attached Process Diagram.

Its technical specification and performance are as follows:

I. NK8051 Air Flotation Coagulant
This agent is an air flotation coagulant. After being added, the non-woven closed circulating water system can pass the air flotation process to make it initially clarified and remove impurities and oil stains in the water.

Technical Specifications:
1. Appearance:                 light yellow liquid
2. PH (original solution):         4.0-4.53
3. Gas:                         Odorless
4. Specific gravity             1.20- 1.25 (25℃)

II. NK8052 High Performance Coagulant Aid
This agent can make the NK8051 flocculation effect better, and make the flocculation precipitation, rapid coagulation and dehydration.

This product has stable performance. After a long period of time, it will not produce precipitation like polymer coagulants on the market, so it is more convenient to use.
Technical specifications:
1. Appearance:                     colorless liquid
2. Gas:                         odorless
3. Specific gravity:                1.05-1.15 (20℃)
4. PH (100%):                     5.10 – 5.50 (20℃)

III. NK8057 Biocide
This product is an oxidizing bactericide. In addition, it can kill bacteria and algae in the system, and can oxidize and remove organic matter in the water.

Technical specifications:
1. Appearance:                    light yellow clear liquid
2. Odor:                         pungent smell
3. PH:                            12.5 – 14.0 (100%)
4. Specific gravity:                1.300 (15.6℃)

IV.  NK8058 Antibacterial Agent:
This product can maintain the efficacy within one week after being added, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and has the effects of dispersing, scale removal and corrosion inhibition.

Technical specifications:
1. Appearance:                     light yellow liquid
2. Odor:                         pungent smell
3. PH value:                         4.50-5.55
4. Specific gravity:                 1.150-1.170

Process Diagram : 


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