NC-404(ZH232NC) All organic anti-scaling and corrosion inhibitors(equal to Henkel 8442)
   NC-404 Anti-scaling and corrosion inhibitor is the research and development fruit of Mr. Shen Hongli, our General Manager, when he was responsible for the project of Electric Power Ministry about importing Henkel 8442 Water Stabilizer. It has both the anti-scaling effect and the anticorrosion effect by forming a protection film on the surface of the metal.


    It has wider pH range, and shows excellent anti-scaling and corrosion inhibition property in pH 7.0 - 10.0, which enables the industrial operation simple and easy and won't cause the corrosion or scaling problems due to the pH out of control. Its anti-scaling effect is satisfactory, and the maximum carbonate hardness is as high as 13.6 mmol/L.


    This product can be used in the circulation cooling water of Power Plant, and has good anti-scaling effect to Cu, Al and carbonized-steel exchanger. According to the concentration multiple, the heat burden and the turbidity, you can determine the required dosage. The normal dosage is 3 - 10 ppm. It can also be used forpetrochemical factory, chemical fertilizer factory, steel factory and refinery. If the dosage could be added, the normal dosage is 20-40 ppm.




Colorless, yellowish transparent liquid

Organic Phosphor(As PO4)content,% >=


Phosphorous(As PO3)content,% <=


Ortho phosphoric acid(As PO4)content,% <=




PH(1% Water Solute)



(4)Use Way:

 (a) In accordance with the ortho phosphoric acid and total phosphate analysis method of PO4, published by Chemical Ministry Standard in << Industrial Circulation Cooling Water Analysis Methods>>, you can calculate the dosage:3.2 *(Total Phosphate - Ortho phosphoric acid).

(b)  When using this product, the chemical container should be made of plastic materials so as to avoid acting with the metal.

(5)Packing & Storage:

Packed in 25 Kg or 200 Kg plastic pails. Storage is two years.

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