Phosphorus-Free Formula Dispersant Rapid Analyzer


Phosphorus-Free Formula Dispersant Rapid Analyzer(Used in the determination of corrosion and scale inhibitors containing carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid in cooling water)

As China's Environmental Protection Department has become more and more strict with the discharge of phosphorus in water, the phosphorus-based scale and corrosion inhibitors in cooling water are gradually changed to phosphorus-free scale and corrosion inhibitors, but so far,  there is no phosphorus-free scale and corrosion inhibitor  analytical method that can accurately determine its active content.

This product was developed and invented by Professor Shen Hongli, our General Manager, who won the State Council's Special Honorary Allowance, and has obtained many national scientific and technological progress awards and many invention patents.

I.  The Biggest Advantages and Features of this Instrument:

1) This equipment is multi-purpose, which can accurately measure the content of carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid corrosion and scale inhibitors in cooling water, as well as the turbidity of water.

2) It can determine the content of polyacrylic acid, malic acid copolymer, acrylic acid/AMPS copolymer, polymaleic anhydride, polyepoxysuccinic acid, polyaspartic acid, and scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors formulated with the above chemicals.

3) The linear relationship is good.

4) This product is mainly used to determine the content of the functional group of the dispersant. For the study of the performance of water treatment dispersants and other dispersant drugs, such as different functional groups (carboxylic acid, sulfonic acid, etc.) and their amount and degradation time also have a certain scientific research value.

5) This product has a strong price advantage.

2. The Disadvantages of Some Measurement Methods on the Market:

Currently, fluorescence is used to indirectly determine its content on the market. But after repeated research and trial, we found that this method has several disadvantages:

1) Fluorescent agent is a heterocyclic compound with carcinogenic effects. As early as the 1970s, fluorescent whitening chemicals were banned in my country, so it is more harmful than phosphorus after emission.

2) The fluorescent chemical is artificially added to the scale and corrosion inhibitor, which will considerably increase the cost of the chemicals, and has no synergistic effect with the chemicals. At the same time, due to the different performance of the two chemicals, the fluorescent chemicals is easily adsorbed on  measuring devices, and may cause Inaccurate results.

3. The cost of using chemicals will be greatly increased,  because even if using domestic fluorescent chemical,  the increased cost will be RMB  200-300 yuan/ton.

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