NC-308(ZF324NC) Acrylic Acid/Sulfonic Acid Copolymer

(1)Performance of NC-308(ZF324NC):
a. This product is very stable to acid, alkali and reductant-oxidant. It can resist high temperature as much as 250 degrees centigrade.
b. This product can be mutually dissolved in water and other phosphorus inhibitors.
c. It is free from pollution to the environment, and has super strong resistance to calcium carbonate scales.

(2)Use Way of NC-308(ZF324NC):
This product is one of our newly-developed products. It is a carboxylic acid dispersant that has super strong dispersion ability to calcium carbonate. Based on Sinopec's standard method for evaluation, the results shows its anti-scaling ability to calcium carbonate scale can reach more than 90% , while PAA (Poly Acrylic Acid)'s anti-scaling rate is only 50%. In addition, its price is only 14% higher than PAA, especially suitable for high-hardness water quality or being used as anti-scaling dispersant in anti-scaling inhibitors' formula without phosphorus or with low phosphorus

(3)NC-308(ZF324NC) Specification:

External Appearance Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid
Active Content,% >= 30
Free Monomer(Acrylic Acid),% <= 1.00
Density (200C g/cm3) 1.10-1.20
pH(1% water solution) 1.50-3.50
Limit Viscosity(300C),dl/g 0.065-0.095

(4)Packing and Storage of NC-308(ZF324NC):
 Packed in 200Kg or 25Kg Plastic Drums. Storage period is 1 year.

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