NC-101(QX511NC)Cleaning & Prefilming Agent

The NC-101 Cleaning & Prefilming Agent is newly developed by our General Manger, Mr. Shen Hongli in 1978. It simplifies system operation procedures, and possesses both cleaning and prefilming features. Compared with MALIREP330 of NALCO, its has better cleaning effect.


 (1) Property:

This product is soluble in water, can quickly remove the organic substances, rust and Ca scales, and can clean all the metal surfaces and form a symmetrical anti-scaling film. According to the appraisal of Shanghai Material R&D Institute, the thickness of anti-scaling film is 5000-7000AO.Its cleaning effect has exceeded the imported N-330.



    It can be used cleaning and prefilming for circulation cooling water, oil-transportation pipes and heat transformer. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of refinery factory and non-parking cleaning.

(3) Use Way:

Before operation, add 800 ~ 1000ppm of this product in the raw water at room temperature. After adjusting pH value to 3-4, add 100 ~ 200ppm of NC-1002 defoamer for cold running 48 hours. Heightening pH to 6 to 6.5, and cold running for another 48 hours, discharge until the total inorganic phosphate content reduced to less than 10ppm. When severe rust and calcium scale occurrs, reduce pH value to 3-4, control the water temperature to be less than 27 ℃ and control the total inorganic phosphate to 350ppm (in PO4 ). When water temperature rises to between 27 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, control the total inorganic phosphate to 280ppm (in PO4 ). If you continue using 250ppm of our NC-401 (JN-1) dispersion inhibitor, please pre-film 48 hours in the water with pH value between 7~7.8, the final effect would be much more better.




White or Yellowish Paste

Total Inorganic Phosphor Content,%


pH Value(1% water-solute)

9.0 - 10.0




 (5) Packing & Storage:

Packed in 50 Kg wide-neck plastic pail with plastic-bag lining or knitting bags. Please keep in ventilated and dry place. Storage is two years. If chemical stratification occurs, please stir before using. This won't have adverse effects upon the result.


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