NC-102(HS211NC)Prefilming agent(equal to S-204)


    This product is the mixture of phosphate of zinc salt, which equals to the Japanese S-204. Its water solution can form an anti-scaling film on the surface of carbon steel in a short time, and can be compounded with the acrylic multipolymer.Or, after using this product for prefilming, you can add acrylic multipolymer and this product to act as scaling inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor. According to the many times of application by many factories in several years, the result is always satisfactory. This product is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerates, which may affect the solution speed.

(2) Use:

    It is suitable for prefilming of the oil pipes system or the carbon steel and stainless steel heat transformer in the cooling water circulation system. This product can also greatly enhance the anti-scaling effect upon used it for prefilming.

(3) Two Application Ways:

Two Water Treatment Methods:

(1)Without Adjusting pH
(2)Adjusting pH
Basic Treatment
NC-102  200ppm
NC-306  300ppm or NC-309100ppm
Original water running 12-24 hours under the normal temperature
 Adjusting pH to 6.0 - 7.0
NC-102 200ppm or NC-309  80ppm
Original Water running 12 - 24 hours under the normal temperature
Normal Treatment
Organic Phosphate + carboxylic acid Dispersant
without adjusting pH(about 8.0-9.0)
NC-102 20ppm,
NC-306 25ppm or NC-309 20ppmpH,
adjust pH to 7.0 -8.0
Technical Treatment
Annual Max. Corrosion depth < 0.10
Average scale thickness < 0.1mm/a
Same as left

  As above-stated, this product can be used for prefilming and for normal treatment when compounded with the

acrylic multipolymer.


(4) Specification:

white powder
Total Inorganic Phosphor(As PO4)content ,% >=
Zinc Salt(As Zn2+)content,% >=
Insolvable content,% <=
pH(1%  water solution)


(5) Packing & Storage:

This product is packed in 25 Kg wide-neck plastic pails. It should be kept in ventilated and dry places. Storage is

two years.

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