NC-106(QX214NC) Editic acid (Ethyiene diamine tetraacetic acid)
(1)   Molecular Weight & Molecular Formula
M=292.2            C10H16N2O8
(2)    Properties
The white powder is produced by the crystals in water. The melting point is 240 0C(decomposition). In 250C, its solubility in water is 0.5g/L, and is insoluble in ordinary organic solution. Free acid is not so stable as salt. When heated to 1500C, it tends to break away from hydroxyl. It is stable when stored in liquid solution or boiling.  
(3)    Specification
White powder
Solid Content, % >=
Chelate Value   PH=11
339mg  CaCO3/g
PH (Saturation Water Solution)
Heavy Metal (as Pb),%  <=
Iron,  Fe%  <=
Residue after burning(sulfate)Content%   <=
(4)    Use
This product can be used as bleaching fixative made by color photosensitive material, or as dying auxiliary, fiber treatment agent, cosmetic additive, blood anticoagulant, complexant, detergent, sterilizer, synthetic rubber, polymeric initiation agent, heavy metal quantitative analysis agent, etc. In water treatment field, it can be use for scale and rust cleaner in large-scale power plants' boilers.
(5)    Packing & Storage
200kg or 25kg in plastic drum. Storage period is 1 year.

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