NC-104(QX212NC) Sulfamic acid
(1) Molecular Weight & Molecular Formula:
M=97.09            NH2SO3H
(2) Properties:
This product is a ramification of Sulfuric Acid. It won't volatilize, and won't absorb the humidity. It is colorless and odorless white crystal. Its melting point is 2050C. It is soluble in water. It is very stable in normal temperature conditions, thus making it keep the same quality after being kept for many years. When there already exist Sulfuric Acid and Sodium Sulfate, its solubility in water will become lower. Often, in normal temperature(200C-300C), 28 grams of this product will be soluble in 100 grams water.
(3) Specification:
White Crystal
Content,%  >=
Insoluble matter,%  <=
Ignition Decrement,%   <=
Chloride,%  <=
Sulfate,%   <=
Iron,%         <=
Heavy Metal (as Pb),%  <=
(4) Use Way:
This can be used as acid cleaning agent. The usual strong acids are liquid, and this product is solid, so it is convenient for transportation, storage and use. And, it has less corrosion effect upon metal than the inorganic acid, so it is widely used for metal cleaning, usually for cleaning the calcium carbonate scale on the metal's surface, for example, for cleaning the air-conditioner cooling water system and factory cooling water system. However, it is inferior for cleaning the rust than for cleaning the calcium carbonate, therefore, we suggest you add NC-204(2000PPM)of our company when cleaning for getting better effect.
Usually, for single set of acid cleaning with this product, you can make it 5% solution, and then add NC-609(0.3%);However, for system cleaning, we can make it 2000 ppm, and add NC-609(2000PPM), and cleaning continuously without any stop or circulate for 1-2 days in normal conditions.
(5) Packing & Storage:

200kg or 25kg in plastic drum. Its storage period is a half year.

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