NC-105(QX213NC) High-Efficient Scale & Rust Cleaner
(1)    Properties:
This product is a high-efficient scale and rust cleaner. Compared with other inorganic acid cleaner, it shows better performance. It is very convenient for use, and does no harm to human body, and won't cause pollution, etc.
(2)    Specification:
yellow solution
Solids Content,%  >=
Density(200C) g/cm3
PH(1%Water solution)<=
(3)    Use way:
This product can be used in acid cleaning for a circulation cooling water system or for a single equipment. It can effectively and quickly remove the Calcium scales and Iron rust. Usually, in cleaning non-stop circulation systems, add 5kg of this product into 1 ton of water. The concentration of cleaner is 0.5%. After operating for 24-48hours, you can discharge the liquid if the scale or rust has been removed. If not completely, you can continue to add 2.5kg/ton of this product into water and prepare for another 24-48hours and then discharge.
For cleaning a single set of equipment, add 100kg/ton of this product into water. (The concentration of cleaning liquid is 10%), and also add 2kgs/ton of corrosion inhibitor NC-609 into water. (The concentration is 0.2%), and heat to 50-600C, and then clean in cycles with pump for 10 hours. Observe the equipment to confirm if it is clean. If no, add another 1kg/ton water of this product, and operate for another 4 hours.
(4)    Packing & Storage
200kg or 25kg in plastic drum. Storage period is 1 year.

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