NC-103(QX211NC)Organic acid cleaning agent


    This product is a kind of white powder mainly composed by aminosulfonic acid and surface active agent. It is safe for storage,transportation and application. Since based on aminosulfonic acid, it has less corrosion properties than the usualinorganic acids. Especially, "hydrogen brittleness" will not occur.

(2) Use:

    It is suitable for the cleaning of cooling water circulation systems and the anti-scaling and anti-rust treatment to the cooling water equipment such as air-conditioners, ships, water-desalter.

(3) Specification:

white powder
Total Phosphorus(As PO4)content, % >=
Density(200C) g/cm3
1.20 -1.40
pH(1% water solute),<=

(4) Use way:

    According to the water quantity contained in the system, put this product into it at the dosage of 500 - 1000mg/L once. Control the ph value between 4-5. The cleaning time is about 24- 28 hours, the actual dosage of NC-103 will be calculated based on storage capacity 600 mg/L.

(5)Packing & Storage:

This product should be packed in 20 Kg paper board pails with lining of plastic bags. It should be stored in cool and dry places in house. Storage is ten months.

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