I.    1) Brief Introduction:
This product is a powerful double-effect cleaning agent for water-based and oil-based suds.It not only can be used to clean oil storage tank, but also can be used for oil-based drilling mud water. By using this double-effect cleaning agent, you can remove the casing surface of the oil base drilling fluid and the wall cake on the film and to improve the casing interface, the formation of hydrophilic interface, improving cement. In water-based drilling fluid, use our cleaning agent can also achieve satisfactory effect.
2)   Features:
1. This product is a safe and efficient heavy mud cleaning agent. It will not produce any harmful gases during application. It is both non-flammable and non-explosive.
2. Petroleum can be separated in the cleaning process, thus enabling it recollected and resold.
3. It is biodegradable, nontoxic and non-corrosive, so it will not cause pollution to nature.
4. It will be harmless to humans, animals or plant damage.

II. Specification--Physical and Chemical indicators
Appearance:          White milky liquid
pH:                        6 to 8
Density g/cm3:       0.95 +- 0.05
Ion:                      nonionic
Chemical stability: Good stability, can be used in acid, alkali, salt system

III. Application:
It is applicable to the cleaning of all kinds of tanks, tank, tower casing, and drilling equipment. The Crude oil attached to the storage tank walls can be recollected.

IV. Use Way:
1, dilute with water according to the application introduction of washing machines.
For heavy oil tank, dilute with water based on the specific situation, preferably from 1:2 to 1:12. Rinse with water to clean after use. (To have better effect, hot water is highly recommended.)

For lighter oil tank, dilute with water based on the specific situation, preferably from 1:8 to 1:32. Rinse with water to clean after use.

2, For cleaning heavier and sticky heavy mud, if necessary, it may be appropriate to increase the concentration, or prolong the spraying time, or extend the use of hot water immersion to ensure the cleaning quality.
V. Packing:
By 22.5KG/barrel or 200 KG / drum. The shelf life of 12 months.

VI. Notes:
In Summer or for long-term placement, stratification may occur. Stir well before using.
If expired the shelf life, re-test is required before further use.

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