9030Plus CORRATER Corrosion Rate Measurenment Instrument (produced by the American RCS Company)

1) It can simultaneously measure the average corrosion rate, imbalance (corrosive pitting) and  temperature.
2) It has technology of solution resistance compensation.
3) It can provide two options of one-channel or two-channel testing.
4) It has been equipped with data logging software CORRDATA Plus.
5) 4 ~ 20mA isolated output
6) The fully-sealed outer shell
9030 Plus is a corrosion rate measurement system which is specially designed for cooling water, industrial water and drinking water system. The system provides one channel or two channels to be used for measurement of average corrosion rate, measurement of corrosive pitting probability and rapid measurement of temperature in complicated environment. Two-channel operating system allows simultaneous monitoring of two different materials (for example, most commonly used materials in the fields- Carbon Steel and Copper Alloy).

9030 Plus has a patented solution resistance compensation technology. As it uses the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), it can not only improve the measurement accuracy, but also expand the measurement range. Compared with the linear polarization measurement instruments, its measurement range can be 20 times higher. This technology has greatly improved the monitoring capacity in low- conductivity solution, and its monitoring results can be much better than the standard three-electrode system. In addition, this instrument can be used for measuring the electrochemical noise (ECN) between the electrodes. Besides, it can be used for assessment of the risk of pitting, corrosion inhibitor activity and membrane stability.

By using CORRDATA Plus software, the users can download the measurement data through a standard RS-232 serial cable to a laptop or desktop computer. This software can run on Windows95/98/NT platforms. The features are as follows:
1) Graphic display feature
2) The average corrosion rate can be calculated, which greatly facilitate data analysis.
3) Graphics comments
4) It facilitates the graphic - text transforming processing software.
5) five-channel 4 ~ 20mA isolated output to connect to the recorder, the control system or computer. If choosing Security Fence in options for attachment, the 9030 Plus allows users to connect to the probe in the hazardous areas for measuring.
Technical Instruction:
Single Channel:
A CORRATER or CORROTEMP CORRATER probe, can be used for measuring the corrosion rate, imbalance and temperature By using CORRDATA Plus, data can be downloaded directly to your desktop or laptop computer.

Dual Channel:
Two CORRATER or CORROTEMP CORRATER probes (can be made of different materials), can be used for measuring the corrosion rate, imbalance and temperature. By using CORRDATA Plus, data can be downloaded directly to your desktop or laptop computer.
Measurement Range:
Corrosion rate: 0.01MPY ~ 1,000 MPY
           (0.25umpy ~ 25,000 umpy)
Imbalance: 0.01 ~ 1,000 pitting units
Temperature: 0 0C ~ 260 0C
Working medium: conductivity (umhos / cm) divided by the corrosion rate (MPY)> 4
Probe type: All the two-electrode or three- electrode linear polarization of the probes.
Corrosion measurement period: Manual Programming: 3 to 30 minutes / or automatic programming
Alloy zoom level: 0.25 ~ 3.00
Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA through the first five isolated outputs
Power supply: 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 15W
Instrument Operating Temperature: 32F ~ 122F (0 0C ~ 50 0C)
Sealing: NEMA 4X corrosion resistant enclosure.
Weight: 3 lbs

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