Operation Instruction for FSY-3 Type On-line Corrosion Monitoring Device

'FSY-3 Type On-line Corrosion Monitoring Device' is the advanced products based on modification to previous product- 'FSY-2 Type On-line Corrosion Monitoring instrument'. The modern electrochemical theory of corrosion and high integration of electronic technology are applied to FSY-3 type, thus enabling it to show reliable performance. It combines many advantages into one- Small external appearance, LCD screen display, Easy operation and installation and Convenience to carry.

It can be used for measuring liquid's corrosion rate to metal, especially suitable for testing water's corrosion rate to metal. It is also very useful to evaluate the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors and predict the life of metal equipment beneath water. The instrument has an automatic continuous measurement, recording data, drawing corrosion curves, real-time communication with computers, finish printing the reports and curves with PC. So, it can be widely used in corrosion control on metals and on-line corrosion monitoring in industrial circulating water systems.
The two enhanced features of 'FSY-3-type line corrosion monitoring device', are:
In intervals between measurement cycles, corrosion electrodes are moved away from the instrument. This function enables the corrosion test electrodes and systems completely in the same environment in most times, so the stability of electrodes can be kept in the shifts between power on and power off state.
It can realize automatic dosing in proportion according to the results of corrosion measurements. The proportion can be modified manually.

Performance Index:

Measurement Range 0.1-9.99 mpy
Repetition +/- 0.1
Measurement Time 60 seconds (One point)
Memory Data 1200 points
Automatic continuous measurement of time (0~9999) *1200(1800*1200/3600/24=25 days)
Relay life 1000000
Power Supply: 220V, 0.3A, 50HZ, good grounding
Environmental Temperature, humidity: -10-500C, 20%-80%
Computer: WINDOWS2000 Computer Operation System, Configuration Software,MODBUS protocol
Dimensions (W*H*D) 120*120*110 (mm), Openings (111*111) (mm)

Instrument Function:
'FSY-3 Type On-line Corrosion Monitoring Device' shows outstanding features such as stable performance, advanced technology as well as easy operation. It can be used for measuring manually or automatically on a fixed time. The results of measurement can be well saved; the results won't be lost when the power is off accidentally. It can calculate the average rate, record the data and draw the curves.

It can achieve real-time communication with PC through serial interface. The corrosion rate and device's operation status as well as the numbers of recorded data can be displayed in time; While tables and curves drawn with this device enable the whole process and results visually shown. Last but not least, it can dose automatically in proportion according to the results of corrosion measurements.

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