NC-803(NJHL-3 Type)Testing Instrument of in-line for Dirtiness Thermal Resistance
This instrument is a monitor system mainly composed by a computer. It can be used together with NC-806& NC-805. It can automatically print the inlet temperature & outlet temperature during operation, steam temperature, temperature difference, and can calculate the sludge thermal resistance. So, it can provide reliable operation data for factory spot management.
The instrument is constituted by a monitoring device with PC as its core, which will be applied together with NC-806, NC-805, NC-807B monitoring heat exchangers for supportive use. It can automatically print out the temperatures both at the entrance and the exit, steam temperature, temperature difference, and then calculate the Dirtiness Resistance. Thus, it can provide reliable performance data for the plant's site management.
(1) The Main Technical Indicators:
a. Dirtiness Resistance Indication Error: +- 0. 3%.
b. Temperature Range :0-100 0C 0-200 0C.
c. Temperature Resolution: +- 0.1 0C.
d. Working Temperature Range: 0-40 0C.
e. Working Voltage: 220V +- 10%, 50HZ +- 5%.
f. Power Consumption: <= 20W.
g. Instrument Weight: <= 10 kg.
(2) Purposes:
a. It is connected with heat exchanger in the on-site monitoring system, so it can timely monitor the working condition of heat exchangers.
b. This instrument, the heat exchanger and circulating cooling system will constitute a dynamic simulation test, which can help users with prescription selection, chemicals' assessment and other similar experiments.

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