NC-805 & NC-806 Heat Exchange Monitor
   The heat exchange monitor is an important means for monitoring and evaluating the chemical treatment of the circulating cooling water. It can carry out comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of the scale and corrosion of the cooling water system. Since the heat exchange monitor is designed by simulating the heat exchange of the production equipment, it has good interrelation and is characterized by small specification, simple structure, easy disassembly and easy operation. It is widely used in the in-the-spot monitoring of the circulating cooling water and well received by the broad users.

    This company produces two types of heat exchange monitors. In order to facilitate the users to timely determine the data of foul heat resistance, one types of intelligent monitors have been developed for use with NC-805 type and NC-806 type heat exchange monitors.

Test pipe specs

radius:19*2; long:1177mm

Test available heat transfer area
Heat transfer lengh:1129mm
Heat transfer area:0.202
Recirculating water flow velocity
1m/s adjustable
Recirculating water max efflux
1907.6L/h  adjustable
Self-pressure regulating valve
0.11-0.12MPa Saturation steam (NC-806 use)
Heat exchanger steam pressure
0.11 MPa
Heat exchanger steam temperature                    
99-105o(Saturation steam)
Heating tube steam pressure
0.15-0.18 MPa (adjust pressure) (NC-806 use)
Circulaing water temperature differentia
Flow indicator & pressure pipe (chose)
Saturation steam tank of relief valve steam
0.13MPa half-open (50%) NC-806 use
0.14MPa fully open (100%)


                                   NC-805 Heat Exchange Monitor


NC-806 Heat Exchange Monitor  

NC-806 Heat Exchange Monitor

NC-806 Heat Exchange Monitor

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