On-Site Water Quality Monitoring Easy Color Comparator

At present our company's automatic dosing devices have become the only recommended manufacturer of water treatment construction and design standard drawings in central air conditioning systems by China Construction Department. To achieve perfection and to make the test results come out more simply and rapidly for enterprises, we hereby sell Germany Lovibond company's series of color comparator. They are cheap in price, simple in operation, but their accuracy can reach the requirements of national standards in circulating cooling water.

Type Measurement Items Measurement 
NC-147430 Copper(Cu2+) 0-4.0 750
NC-147320 Iron (Fe) 0-10 700
NC-147020 Combined with chlorine, residual chlorine, total chloride (Cl2) 0-4.0 700
NC-147240 Total phosphate, Organic phosphate, Polyphosphoric acid, 
Orthophosphate (PO4)
0-4.0 900
NC-147330 Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) 0.01-0.2 700
NC-147280 Active bromine (Br) 0-0.5 700

There are other ion test items: sulfite root, alkalinity, silicon dioxide, nitrous acid, nitrate radical sodium molybdate, zinc and hardness of plasma measurement. For those services, please make a reservation in advance.

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