NC-2000 Water Stabilizer Automatic-control dosing equipment
In the industrial and commercial cooling water systems, the cooling water treatment agents have been widely applied, such as scale inhibitors, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, sterilizer and biocide. They can prevent or hinder the cooling water circulation systems from corrosion, scales and sedimentation of sludge. So, dosing the chemicals accurately and timely are the important measurements for anti-scaling and corrosion inhibition.

NC-2000 automatic dosing equipment is especially designed and produced for dosing in the cooling water circulation systems. It can control the dosing machine to dose precisely according to the on-spot load expelling quantity and the changes of the concentration multiple, so as to avoid dosing much more than or less than the required amount.


It is the integrated equipment, and all other relevant equipment is installed on a plate.

It only occupies a small area (1m *2.5m).

It is simple to operate and can widely select the menu and program flexibly as much as you like to meet the requirements of the cooling water systems.

It is economical and practical, and can save both hands and energy. Usually dosing equipment only consumes 1-2 KW.

Its application life is very long with no need to maintenance. All the main equipment is originally imported from America.


(1) It can on-line measure the pH value of the circulation water, and can realize the automatic adjustment of pH values. The pH measurement range is 1 - 14.

(2) It can on-line measure the instantaneous flow and the accumulated flow of the water supplement.

(3) It can on-line measure the conductivity with the range of 0 - 20000. Also, it can automatically control the discharged polluted water and control the concentration multiple.

It also has many dosing ways for selecting:

a) You can dose based on percentage of the water supplement flow

b) You can dose based on the set time

c) You can dose at the same time when it discharges

d) You can dose two biocides by counting down; the maximum period is 28 days.

e) It also has many kinds of alarming functions.



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